Why are we building it?

Our team of business process and software engineering experts played an important role in Skype’s agile transformation. In the heat of the action we craved for a tool that would give us data-based insights on the progress and automate part of the work. Such a tool did not exist, so we created one – FlowHow.

FlowHow is a toolkit of workflow diagnostics incorporating best practice metrics and it is designed to support agile transformation and continuous improvement through team-based gamification.

Incremental product delivery and fast Time to Value are essential elements for any business to gain a competitive advantage. Assembling autonomous teams who excel at Scrum, are capable of frequent value delivery and acquire customer feedback quickly are the capabilities FlowHow aims to develop and keep improving.

Who are we?

  • Ainar Sepp
    Ainar Sepp Product Partner

    Former Head of Software Development Lifecycle at Skype

  • Priit Kaasik
    Priit Kaasik Managing Partner

    A dreamer, a persuader, a leader with positive attitude, called upon when the future needs envisioning.

    A fan of iterations and increments to get the work done.

  • Priit Parmann
    Priit Parmann Operations Partner

    Makes sure the plan comes together, knows Atlassian toolset inside & out, finds beauty in details. Wanders in the nature a lot. Former Engineering Team Lead at Proekspert, part of Agile Workflow Tools at Skype.

  • Sander Solvak
    Sander Solvak Design Partner

    Designs things for screens and paper, takes it easy, and keeps it simple, whenever possible.

  • Taavi Sildeberg
    Taavi Sildeberg Engineering Partner

    Former Senior SDE at Zero Technologies, part of Agile Workflow Tools at Skype

  • Tanel Tenso
    Tanel Tenso Engineering Partner

    Battle-scarred in countless software development endeavors for over 15 years. Really keen about automation, containerization and continuous… everything.