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Since FlowHow develops organization development tools then it only makes sense that we are aware and opinionated about the organizational theorycraft. We are regularly working through books, articles and publications on organizational development and Agile product development helping you to navigate through the flood of information.

Great Products Are to Customers as Great Cultures Are to Employees

Caught this one via Alistair Cockburn’s Facebook post. Creating Agile practices around autonomous, self-sufficient and cross-functional teams with ownership of value delivery to customers (and related assets required) is a pretty disrupting change. Adopting concepts like “servant leadership” and value delivery support requires changes in management culture:

Scale-up Leadership Lessons I’ve Learned Over 9 Years as HubSpot’s CEO

Like a lean startup

Doing product development in large companies…

An excellent story FlowHow team can relate to having seen Agile transformation at close in Skype and Microsoft, clicking all the boxes in this HBR article. Lean startup methodology has been gaining momentum inside big companies like General Electric, Alaska Airlines, Telefonica, 3M, and W.L. Gore. Innovation Leader surveyed 170 executives who work in R&D, strategy, and new product development roles at large public companies and found that 82% said they’ve already deployed some elements of the lean startup approach.

The Barriers Big Companies Face When They Try to Act Like Lean Startups


On building autonomous Agile teams

Ben Linders writes at InfoQ about organizational growth and scaling teams. FlowHow team concurs on key points made – setting the focus right is crucial (on increasing team’s output and delivered value) and creating a core unit of management combining a team, it’s workflows and ownership of product assets and technologies (sense of ownership and responsibility as part of culture),  offer a base protocol to collaborate effectively across teams during rapid growth and day-to-day operations, otherwise the growth will provide diminishing returns in terms of productivity.

Scaling Teams to Grow Effective Organizations

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Cloud Strategy and Agile. Who’s enabling who?

Solid cloud strategy is one of the corner stones of building an Agile organisation, but watch out for lock-in risks. We at FlowHow agree with Mat Keep’s advice at CloudTech: avoid deep integrations with provider-specific API-s and services without alternatives.

A CIO writes (sort of): I’m terrified of cloud lock-in – what should I do?

Organizational development is a never-ending process which requires clear vision for the direction and tremendous amount of discipline to  keep the right culture. If your organization development plans also include going Agile, establishing and improving autonomous Scrum teams then combining Atlassian JIRA Software for workflows and FlowHow as process assessment and guidance is the best possible combination! Sign up for a trial at


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